Main selection criteria:

Before buying a down good, including down pillows, you should determine how to choose the right quality down. After all, the quality of the down product, its serviceability and durability will depend on the filler by 95 percent.


So, you want to buy a down pillow. Then in the presence of courier, if you made an order in the online shop, or in the store, take and squeeze the product with all your might, shake it 2-3 times — down should restore 50-70% of its volume in the first 5-10 seconds. The whole volume should be restored in 5 minutes.


In a normal mixture, only a fine feather with a length of up to 35 mm is allowable, in the feather mixture — from 35 to 95 mm. The immature goose feather has a sharp end that pierces practically any fabric. According to the norms, its number in down should not exceed 2-3%.

Collect in a hand as much as possible down and squeeze it hard. If the hand feels a few pricks, then the amount of immature feather is more than it should be. The weight of 100% down pillow in size 50×70 cm should not exceed 1 kilogram.

Fabric for blankets
Fabric for blankets

Fabric for the production of goods should meet the norms of breathability. Such goods should beonly from teak or special fabrics, which have the breathability not more than 30 units.
The smell of quality down pillows should be neutral, or very insignificant. The pillow should be light, it should restore good its shape, do not have an unpleasant smell.

  1.  10% down -90% feather. Pillows with such a filler provide you with a medium high position of your head during sleep. They are ideal for people who do not like soft pillows, but prefer harder. Usually, men give preference to such pillows. Based on medical research, doctors recommend people with high blood pressure to rest on such pillows.
  2. 50% down -50% feather. The Golden mean. Approximately 75% of people order pillows with this filler. These pillows are medium soft, allow you to completely relax all the muscles of your neck, they are ideal for relaxing. With this pillow you will have a really healthy and good quality sleep.
  3. 90% down -10% feather100% VIP-pillow. For VIP-people and that’s it.

• The size. The blanket can be single, double, one and a half. There are also various non-standard sizes. When ordering a blanket, make sure that it fits your bed sheets and the size of the bed.
• Heat. The main function of the blanket is to maintain optimal body temperature. Various kinds of fillers are used for this. Wool and down are used in the production of warm winter blankets, various synthetic materials, as well as silk — in the production of their lightweight options.
• Hypoallergenicity. If you have a tendency to allergic, it is worth paying attention to synthetic goods. In addition, they are very simple in care and washing, simple in operation.
• The weight. blankets that are filled with silk, down or some kinds of synthetic fibers are the lightest.