The services

Processing of raw materials.

The company «Perotex» specializes in the processing and selling of down-feather mixture.

This means the entire technological processing process. Sorting and washing down and feather raw materials, getting down-feather mixtures of the highest quality. Our production facilities allow us to fulfill any order and get a guaranteed high-quality product of the highest standards.

— At the request of customers, mixtures can be made with different ratios of down, feather and other characteristics.
— Samples of mixtures can be sent to customers for preliminary evaluation of products.


«Perfect match»

The company offers its customers a service of individual selection and goods manufacturing in special sizes. Although it can lead to some additional coats , but sometimes price is not the main.

If you are interested in our proposal, then, most likely:

— Your bed is oversized.
— You have a round bed.
— Your growth is beyond the average.
— Or you have a special desire to make a blanket, pillow and so on such as you need.

But! Take into account some nuances!

— Remember that your blanket should be 25 cm longer than your height.
— If you are a verymassive, remember that your blanket should be 30 cm wider than your breast. (Чехову или Семенович не заказывали?)

Whatever unusual shape of duvet you want, just trust and write us the details (we will not tell anyone), or send a drawing with your measurements, and our specialists will design and create a blanket, a pillow that you need!