Blanket «Perotex»


Fabric: Downbatiste. (Hefel, Austria).

Color: white.

Facing: cotton. color: blue, white.

Size: 200 см. х 220 см.

Filler: down of white goose 90%.

Filling weight: 700g.

Product Weight: 1200g.

Packing: Gift.


Blanket «Perotex»

Climatic zones are like a natural conditioning system for a summer bed or for people who suffer from excessive sweating. Climatic zones create air circulation and provide a sense of well-being, as the temperature and climate in bed remain more balanced and constant.

Excess heat and wetare transportedto prevent sweating. If your body can breathe at night, it can restore more energy, and you can restcalmly. In addition, with such blanket your deep sleep phase is longer on 50% compared to usual blankets: this is good for your immune system, and also for your physical and mental efficiency.

Structure: The structure of the duvet is characterized by a square configuration with strips along the diagonal from climatic zones.They interrupt the surface of the duvet, creating air circulation areas that provide with evaporation of the body’s natural moisture.

Fabric: 100% cotton batiste. Climatic zones 3D Polyester filler: 90% down of white goose. Only down of white goose are used to fill this duvet.

The elastic and persistent natural properties of these voluminous fluffs act as an insulator, keeping the air between them. The hygroscopicity, elasticity and volume of this down make it special, and no other kind of down can be compared with its lightness and softness,all of this can provide a healthy transpiration and incomparable comfort and rest (Transpiration is the process of water flow through the plant and its evaporation through the external organs of the plant, such as leaves, stems and flowers., Wikipedia).


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