Pillows “Premium”

Fabric: batiste.
Color: White
Facing: cotton; color: blue, white
Filler: down of white duck 80%.
Packing: Bag (linen).

Filler Size (sm)
50х70 70х70
Pooh 0,6кг.






50%  0,85кг.







The series “Premium “ is made from the down of a white duck 80%.

A pillow filled with down is a high quality product for a full and healthy sleep. Filler of the pillow — selective duck down. Thanks to the fact that in the pillow as much as 80% of down — it is soft and light, while not losing shape and does not fluffed. Natural down has a feature -the air freely circulatesbetween fluffs and provides pillow with excellent thermal conductivity, airiness and excellent form. As a pillow cover, the natural batiste is used, it is extra strong and good fabric.

50% downpillow — has an air effect, which has a favorable effect on rest and well-being.People who like to sleep on weightless, soft pillows like such lightweight pillow . Goods are consisting of high-quality, selected duck down and feather in 50/50 ratio.Between the fluffs creates an air space, which provides the pillow with softness, airiness, lightness, but also with formation and retaining the desired shape, which is necessary for the correct position of the head and neck during rest.

Proper care will ensure the elasticity of the filler and extend the life of the good.


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